Bee Resonance - Analucia during a sound bath ceremony.


Sound Alchemy is an ideal medium for optimal cellular radiance & energetic flow.
While promoting deep relaxation, clearing of emotional traumas & releasing pain relief, ‘Sound has been scientifically proven to have an effect on our autonomic, immune & endocrine systems in addition to the neuropeptide transmitters in our brain.’
Alongside reducing pain & stress, music therapy allows expansion for self-awereness, clarity & alignement with personal values.

I studied the Science of Sound at the BAST Academy (British Academy of Sound Therapy) to understand the way frequencies and vibrations make up the sacred architecture of the universe, and why Sound is a powerful tool for healing & well-being.
I qualified with Sound master Yantara Jiro with a certificate as Alchemy Crystal bowls practitioner, aiming to work with the highest range of Crystal bowls & Sound frequencies. 
Our bodies & DNA being crystalline in structure, the frequencies of the Alchemy crystal bowls resonate in perfect synergy with our own physicality.

I work in person : at home, in my Sound room, or online with bespoke Sound signatures attuned to your needs.
I also offer weekly Sound events.


"Analucia is magic, her Sound Therapy session was a powerful yet gentle and gradual journey into parts of myself I had never explored. 
I felt my body expanding into the waves of an infinite ocean, with energetic weight being released from my field, bringing a sense of lightness...
The Gong part of the sound journey brought strong cleansing sensations, like waves of an ocean washing me, feeling goosebumps everywhere, activating my body until I saw a rainbow.
The soft chimes and piano like harmonics encouraged my face to relax as if a mask was dissolving.
My left hand felt activated with energy, my body bursting open like a waterfall, my energy opening as if I was a blooming flower with expanding energy.
After the session I felt extremely grounded. 
It was a magical experience !!"
- Meera Alqassemi

Bee Resonance - image of Analucia's sound bowls.

Individual Sessions

I love to witness how these amazing Sonic portals are taking us on deep transformative journeys beyond the mind & back into our own personal fabric... Sound is a great tool to awaken our senses & dream beyond constraint limits.

1:1 Scent & Sound immersions are a relaxing heaven or a transformative momentum, depending on your intentions & personal needs.
We tune into your emotional, physical & mental well-being to bring harmonic resonance where there is resistance or dissonance in your field.
During the ceremonial space of individual Sound Therapy sessions, I use intuitive voice activation with tunning and overtoning, a Symphonic Gong, Tibetan Singing bowls, Alchemy crystal bowls, Holy Harmony Tunning forks, following therapeutic protocole, to assess dissonance and resonance and awaken potential.
The bowls are made of : Amethyst, Rose, Smoky & Azeztulite Quartz with Palladium & Platinum metals.


Analucia's sound room

The scents used are in synergy with the moment, the season or your own essence signature : Rose Otto, Franckincense, Neroli, Ylan-Ylang amongst many others are wonderful allies for remembrance, protection, self-love, sensuality, deep relaxation & wellness.

1:1 are unique experiences of scent, sonic & crystalline cellular Love.


"Analucia is an amazing sound healer. I love the way she works."
- Ben Johnson, Holistic Health coach

"I was floating, feeling weightless. On awaking, I felt like I had slept for years. As if I had a long journey in the hidden places of my soul, with my batteries now fully recharged."
- Nina Dupeyron

"The sound therapy session with Analucia was incredibly relaxing and soothing. Immersed in the sounds of the instruments, as well as Anna's voice, I drifted away to a peaceful place and felt totally calm. I can recommend this treatment to anyone and would love to have it myself on a regular basis!"
- Elin Solman-Good, Steiner teacher

"I highly recomend Analucia’s Sound Therapy. I can attest of the amazing results on me. I want to do it again."
- Myriam Gauvain

"It was unique ... I was sceptic before coming but now I am impressed. I usually dwell into my rational mind but the Gong worked on my head & I started to feel my heart & be in my body... now I want to feel what I feel more, now I want to deepen more into these new worlds."
- Ryan

Bee Resonance - image of Analucia's workspace.

Group Sessions

Coming together in a Sound Bath is a powerful way to amplify intentions.

During this sacred journey into Sound, the deep frequencies of Symphonic Gong, Alchemy crystal tones, Tibetan singing bowl, Harmony Tunning forks and melodic percussions invite us to go inward & practice deep listening. 
By accessing emotional and mental relaxation we better ground and resource our physical bodies.

Sound has the capacity to free ourselves from emotional blockages and eradicate tensions : being immersed in rhythmic and harmonic waves, bypassing the need for control, we allow vibrations to impregnate and regenerate our cells and stimulate our energetic centre.


"What a beautiful vibrational journey through healing sounds you offer Analucia, gently unblocking, releasing and opening up our energy field to connect to the blissful vibrations of the cosmos through your voice and instruments. I adore being bathed by your gong ... I would like to thank you for your gentle nature and the nurturing space you create filled with warmth and comfort, both physically and spiritually, with your amazing gift of sound. You make me feel so welcome."
- Amma

"Thank you Analucia for a wonderful evening of sound, it was amazing as always."

"Thank you for being such a great presence. Deeply feeling grattitude."

"A very powerful evening thanks to your care and guidance. Very special."
- Thomas

"Thank you for last night! As always, it gives far more than is expected, it is amazing what unfolds."

"Dear Analucia thank you SO much for last night, it was beautiful. You hold such a special space. Looking forward to another one."
- Demelza, hollistic massage therapist

"Thank you so much for last night it was magical and just what we needed."

"Last night was beyond fantastic! Thank you very, very much. Definetely do it you again."
- Ryan

"What a beautiful day !!!"
Thank you ! I can’t wait for my next journey with you. Still tingling, laughed a lot today."

"Definitely feeling the shift...
Felt amazing all day, laughed a lot, shoulders relaxed and Solar Plexus pumping.
So glad I found you !"

"Thank you for a great night, I am transformed. Like every other time"
- Bob