Bee Resonance - image of Analucia's state of tranquility.


Analucia created Bee Resonance as a Sacred Temple of offerings : with Sound Baths events, Earth-based Rituals & Ceremonies, as potent catalysts to experience pure self expression, creative flow & expanded consciousness in alignment with the Life force energy & our true nature.
These practices involve working from a Holistic approach : taking into account our physical, emotional & subtle energy bodies. As well as the environment we live in, our lifestyle & ancestral ways, willing to live in resonance with our own authenticity, opened to more joy & freedom.

Quantum Medicine ~ The power of intention

The power of healthy intention experienced during sessions help us re-program our brain pathways.
Positive affirmations & inner mantras amplified by the Alchemy of Sound prepare & support our body natural capacity for healing & well-being in a profound way.

Bee Resonance - image of Analucia's mystical mandala healing.

Yoga nidra & Sound

One of the benefits of guided meditations, mindfulness & Alchemy Sound Journeys is to reach Theta brain waves.
A deeper state of consciousness from where authentic healing takes place, such as cells regeneration, successfully used by Analucia to manifest her own healing.

Plant medicine

The Etheric/ Life force Energy of Plants is called upon during Limpias, Ceremonies & Rituals.
Scents have the ability to soothe our nervous system, by operating on the limbic system, like Rose or Fanckinsense, supporting therapeutic protocols.
During Limpias, the Life force energy of fresh herbs brushing, such as Mint & Basil, as well as the expansive sun energy of Floral water, made of Neroli & Ylang Ylang essential oils, strengthen & softens our senses while raising the vibratory level of our energy fields.



Bee Resonance - image of Analucia's connection to nature.

Energetic Cleansing with Limpias

Energetic Cleasing is used during 1:1 sessions to clear mind, body & soul from negativity & emotional blockages, mostly passed on to us through ancestral/ generational trauma.
Plant brushing, Egg medicine, Floral water & Smudging allows to purify & create alignment where needed on the Physical & Etheric planes.

The ancestral medicine of Limpias is a supportive intuitive healing practice.
As women we feel empowered receiving such precious ritual. It acts as remembrance of our own sacred ways, the ancient way of our grand mothers : receiving the etheric clearing of unwanted energies & harmonising of our inner essence using ancestral rituals, elemental forces & plant medicine has a profound alchemical resonance that is both simple & powerful at once.


A Sacred way to come together & practice Intentions, Mantras, heal & connect, receiving compassionate support within community, bringing back a sense of equilibrium through grounded purpose. 
We work with Plant Medicine, such as authentically sourced & heart warming Sacred Cacao from a women cooperative.
Expanding awareness is supported by our conscious relationship with Plant allies, guided by the Greenbreath method, a unique breathing technique invented & transmitted by Author & Herbalist Pam Montgomery.
The deeply rooted discovery that we don’t have to ingest plants in order to receive healing, and how simple it is to communicate & connect with them through breath & an open heart.