Bee Resonance - a flower.

I’m in awe of how the Life force energy moves in sound, frequencies & colours, creating elaborate magic such as the vibrational scent of a flower, and how this simple phenomenon imbues our hearts with love

Bee Resonance - Analucia during a sound bath ceremony.

Analucia is a certified Alchemy Crystal bowl practitioner trained in Sound Therapy & Vibrational medicine. 
She converses with sound to awaken cellular memory potential, honouring our body vessels as healing temples.
The grounding experience of embodied presence & nurturing of our sensitive selves is at the core of her immersive Sound environments & Plant spirit Ceremonies, holding space for sacred self expression & the expansion of consciousness in a way that resonates with our unique truth.

Her practice is rooted in ancestral traditions that authentically connect us to the heart intelligence of nature & elemental spirit forces.

As weaver of the Way of the Melissae from the Path of Pollen (a shamanic lineage informed by the Bees), she aims to walk in harmony with the wisdom received from Plant spirit medicine. 
Her wish is to support the unveiling of our soul luminous essence, living in heart to heart coherence with each other & the Earth.


‘Analucia has a fine tuned ability to sense other realms, she is exquisitely sensitive with impeccable integrity, she will instantly connect you to the magic of a loving universe’ 
- Lexi Soulios, Holistic Therapist & Creator of the Eleusis Method